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Henry underwear manufacturer teaches you how to choose functional underwear

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-01-28 08:58:12
     Functional underwear is a kind of shapewear. In recent years, it has attracted more and more attention from the public. Its effectiveness is also loved by the majority of female friends. However, many people do not know how to choose when choosing functional underwear. There are many kinds of underwear on the market. Many women often choose underwear badly when choosing underwear. It is easy to choose underwear of poor quality and poor effect. So how should functional underwear be selected?

    1. Look at the elasticity of the fabric

    A very good functional underwear must have very good elasticity, so that it can be uniformly applied to all parts of the body, so that the whole body can receive even pressure from the top and bottom to ensure that the body shaping effect can be achieved. This pressure is the key to massaging body fat .

    2. Look at the breathability of the fabric

    Since functional underwear is usually worn inside the clothes, it is in close contact with the skin and wraps the whole body, so the shapewear needs to have very good ventilation and perspiration function, keep the skin dry and not hot, and can breathe freely. Inferior fabrics, if worn for a long time, may stimulate the skin to sweat and even cause skin allergies. The breathability of the fabric is related to the health of our own skin, so it is very important.

    3. Look at the design of the style

    Many people know the importance of functional underwear fabrics, but ignore the quality of style design. Why? A functional underwear needs special treatment on important positions such as the chest, abdomen, waist, back, etc., to effectively improve its body shaping effect, and the overall design must conform to ergonomic principles to make it more comfortable to wear.

    4. Look at the brand and service

    Functional underwear is not a good thing to wear, underwear should also be combined with maintenance methods to better adjust and lock fat and shape faster.