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Henry underwear teaches you how to distinguish between genuine and fake function

Type:News | Updatetime:2020-08-19 14:58:00

We have always been afraid of wearing the wrong underwear. Wearing the wrong underwear is very harmful, and most of it is harmful to the body. Therefore, when we buy underwear, it is important to distinguish between genuine and fake underwear. So what are the tips for customizing functional underwear? What? Let's take you to find out.

Henry Underwear summarized the following three points of identification methods:

   1. Flat bra

    Lay the bra flat on the table. Based on the principle of mechanics, the excellent bra cup can be placed on the table independently and firmly without deformation. Conversely, a bra with a collapsed breast cup or asymmetrical left and right sides. Prove that it is not made according to exact mechanics. If the breast cup itself is not beautiful and asymmetrical, how can the shape of the breast be beautiful if you put the breast into this breast cup.

    Second, touch the texture

    Good functional underwear, with a smooth and comfortable texture, fine-grained workmanship, and the naked eye can clearly see the smooth line of the car. Other accessories such as shoulder straps, steel rims, elastics, etc. are also comfortable to touch, ensuring that sensitive wear can be protected after wearing The chest will not cause harm.

     Three, professional knowledge

    Generally, underwear shops on the market will only ask you about the size of your daily bra and the size of your inertial breast cup, but a professional functional underwear consultant will do a detailed body shape and proportion analysis for you, and discuss the report with you carefully, and then according to Give you professional advice on the figure you want to shape, and recommend functional underwear that suits you.

    When choosing functional underwear, you must pay attention to distinguish it carefully. There are many people who choose the underwear incorrectly, which causes the body to be out of shape and brings irreversible consequences to the body. Everyone needs to know and be aware of the true and the false. The difference in underwear.