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How to wear underwear during menstruation

Type:News | Updatetime:2020-07-10 14:56:00

    Menstrual period should choose physiological underwear. At first it sounds like physiological underwear is a bit redundant. In fact, physiological underwear has its unique advantages:

    1. Anti-leakage

    The anti-seepage principle of physiological underwear is very simple, that is, a layer of waterproof fabric is added to the bottom and back of the underwear, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of lateral leakage of menstrual blood.

    2. Comfortable and relaxed

    Designers of physiological underwear have made a lot of effort in material selection and cutting, and the design is more ergonomic. The breathable base material + fit design + wide adaptability greatly improves the comfort of physiological pants.

    3. Clean and breathable

    Physiological underwear is more breathable than ordinary underwear, and there is no discomfort to wear even in the hot summer.

    4. Easy to clean

    Due to the characteristics of the fabric, after the sanitary underwear is stained, the dirt will not penetrate into the fabric fibers, so it is very easy to clean. It is indeed a great boon for MM.

    The above is the method of wearing menstrual underwear summarized by Henry underwear. You need to understand it. There are many gynecological diseases caused by incorrect menstrual underwear wearing, so everyone should pay more attention to this knowledge. Ensure wearing comfort.