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Henry underwear manufacturer tells you how to wear menstrual underwear

Type:News | Updatetime:2020-03-11 14:53:00

    Menstruation is a problem that every female friend cannot avoid. At this stage, women’s underwear will have problems. Many friends have been worrying about how to wear underwear during menstruation and how to wear them to make them more comfortable. This is actually very profound. Here's Henry Underwear to show everyone a good understanding.

Henry underwear tells you how to wear menstrual underwear from the following points:

    How to wear underwear during menstruation

    Many MM menstrual periods have breast tenderness and pain, because breast glands, like the endometrium, will also undergo changes in the premenstrual hyperplasia and postmenstrual recovery periods with the changes in the menstrual cycle. During the premenstrual hyperplasia period, we should buy at least 2 bras for replacement. It is recommended to buy a half-cup without rims to make the breasts relaxed and comfortable.