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Expert advice: clean new underwear first

Type:News | Updatetime:2019-09-13 14:52:00

      After buying a new underwear, some people choose to wear it directly, but some medical experts say that this approach is wrong.

      Experts say that many underwear manufacturers add trace amounts of formaldehyde to textiles and clothing. Because the content is very small, it generally does not cause any harm to the human body, but a small number of people with allergies will suffer from allergic dermatitis. In addition, clothing will be contaminated with dust and germs during the production process, and underwear worn by many people may also cause the spread of skin diseases. Therefore, newly bought underwear must be rinsed with water and dried in a ventilated place.

    Henry Underwear focuses on the quality of underwear and women’s health, adhering to the three principles of “no steel ring, no restraint, and no formaldehyde”. During the production process, the quality is strictly controlled, and formaldehyde and other chemical agents are not added, and only production is safe for customers. underwear.