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Why does underwear turn yellow?

Type:News | Updatetime:2020-12-23 14:50:57


      When washing underwear, if there is bleach on your hands or on the washing tub, the underwear will change color after touching the underwear. Therefore, you must be careful when washing clothes. It is recommended not to use bleach when washing underwear.

      In addition, if the underwear is not washed with water after washing, excess lotion will remain on the clothes, which will turn the underwear yellow after drying. And if the underwear is not recycled in time after drying, prolonged sunlight exposure will also cause the underwear to fade and turn yellow. In addition, the underwear should be cleaned as soon as possible after it is soiled. The stains that have not been cleaned for a long time will penetrate into the fiber tissue of the underwear, making cleaning more difficult.