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Henry underwear manufacturer teaches you how to solve the problem of tight bra b

Type:News | Updatetime:2019-05-17 14:47:00
When we are choosing bras, many girls tend to focus more on the selection of bra styles, colors and functions, but forget about the basic and key bra size. The editor shared in this article are 3 solutions to the tight bottom of the bra size.

     1. Please measure the bust correctly before buying (this is the fundamental way to solve the tightness of the bottom of the bra)

      The reason is that the size requirements for underwear such as bras are much higher than that of outerwear. The size is slightly different. It is likely that you will choose a beautiful and expensive bra that you carefully select, but you will suffer all day long. And suffering, always abandon it in the corner.

      The following are 2 old bras that have been purchased and can be worn, or the solution to the tight waist caused by the body becoming fat

     2. Buy a bra plus long buckle

      The price of bra extensions is usually 2-3 yuan, but God saves your beloved underwear

      Generally, when buying a bra, you can ask the merchant in advance (free of charge) in case you need it.

      3. If you have not handled the first two methods well, then DIY

      Go to your abandoned bras and find a bra with the same number of buttons as this one with the tight bottom, cut out the buttons and sew them together, and it’s OK. However, you need to lengthen it so that you can measure it accurately. Don't loose it or not. It is recommended to tighten it a little bit to avoid loosening in the future.

      This method depends on whether your seaming skills are not refined. If it is not refined, the seam will not be smooth and irritate the skin.