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Is pregnant underwear necessary?

Type:News | Updatetime:2018-09-12 14:45:00
After the expectant mother is pregnant, the body is undergoing subtle changes, and many aspects need careful care. Many expectant mothers will pay more attention to their diet structure, strengthen nutrition, and put forward higher requirements in the choice of daily necessities, in order to take care of themselves and make the baby more comfortable in the mother's stomach.
During the pregnancy, the mother's breasts will continue to grow and grow, adding 1-2 cups is a normal thing, the weight of the breast will increase by about 400 grams, the ordinary bra can not adapt to the needs of breast development. Prolonged wear will oppress your breasts and nipples, affecting the development of the breast, which may cause nipple depression or late milk secretion. Must wear pregnant women underwear during pregnancy?
The maternity bra is specially designed for the mothers to develop their breasts during pregnancy. It is a wise choice to wear a pregnant bra when economic conditions permit. Ordinary bras are not a substitute for maternity bras.
The bra for pregnant women is usually designed with a mild steel support, which can provide better support and protection for your breasts, avoiding the sagging of the breast due to the influence of gravity. When the drooping amplitude is large, the fibrous tissue in the breast may be broken. The maternity bra can also effectively relieve the compression caused by the enlargement of the breast.
Pregnant women's bras are softer and more breathable than ordinary bras. Most of them are made of pure natural materials. They are mostly cotton and have little stimulation to the skin. This is especially important in the third trimester. At this time, the nipples will become very sensitive and slightly stimulated. It may cause irregular contractions, which may lead to premature birth or miscarriage.