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Pregnant women's underwear has a good rim or no steel ring

Type:News | Updatetime:2019-01-21 14:46:00
Want to protect your breasts during pregnancy, the most important thing is to choose the right maternity underwear, it is a good helper to accompany us 24 hours a day. At present, pregnant women's underwear on the market is divided into two types: steel ring and no steel ring. Some people say that wearing a steel ring can prevent the sagging of the chest, and some say that there is a steel ring affecting the breast. In the end, is there a good steel ring for pregnant women's underwear or no steel ring?
It is generally believed that pregnant women's underwear without steel rings is better for pregnant women. Pregnant women's underwear has a steel ring designed to prevent sagging of the growing breast during pregnancy. However, underwear with rims generally has a pressure on the chest, compressing the breast, affecting the secretion of milk, and it is easy to encounter a lump. If the milk is raised, the steel ring is definitely not comfortable. However, the rims of some pregnant women's underwear on the market are soft, which reduces the pressure on the chest of the steel ring. If you have problems with breast health and milk secretion, it is best to choose a pregnant woman underwear without a steel ring. If you are afraid of sagging breasts, you can choose to have no steel ring, and then wear a steel ring after breaking the time.
Maternal underwear is designed for women during pregnancy and is slightly different from ordinary underwear. Wearing professional maternity underwear during pregnancy and nursing the breasts will play a key role in smooth breastfeeding after delivery. Ordinary underwear can interfere with the natural changes in the size and shape of the breast during pregnancy, hinder the enlargement of the thymus and blood circulation, or squeeze the emerging lactiferous system, causing pain, increasing discomfort, aggravating pregnancy reactions, and even leading to mastitis. . Therefore, pregnant women must choose the underwear that suits them, and take good care of themselves.