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Definition of pregnant women's underwear

Type:News | Updatetime:2019-03-14 14:46:00
Maternal underwear refers to underwear worn by women during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant for the first time will feel that they are fuller than ever, and avoid unsatisfactory changes in their body after pregnancy. They should choose the underwear that suits them and protect themselves.
When the pregnancy enters the third month, the breast will be bigger than usual, and then in the next few months of pregnancy, the breast will be bigger. Of course, the most obvious change in the breast occurs in the days after delivery, because the amount of hormones produced in breast milk will increase sharply, causing the breast to swell significantly, making pregnant women unbelievable. The swelling of the breast is also a load on the pregnant woman's body, because the breast of the pregnant woman will weigh one kilogram more than usual, and the situation is more obvious for pregnant women with smaller chest and first pregnancy. During pregnancy, the weight of the breast increases, and the lower circumference increases. It is best to wear a bra with a soft steel support. If there is no support, the growing breast will sag and the fibrous tissue inside the breast will be difficult to recover after being destroyed. In the later stages of pregnancy, the nipple becomes sensitive and fragile, and there may be milk and sweat secretion. It should be protected by a breast pad. During the puerperium, during the lactation period, the breast pad can also help absorb excess milk that is secreted and keep the breasts comfortable.
The fabric of the underwear of the pregnant woman is not easy to be deformed even after repeated washing. There is a pocket in the cup, and the chest pad can be placed (with a pair of chest pads to avoid soaking the outer coat), so that the chest is more shaped and does not have a dew point. The bottom is elastic and elastic, suitable for chest growth at all stages of pregnancy. The collar and sleeves are elastic and elastic. The thin shoulder strap can adjust the length according to the height of the chest, so that the wear is not sloppy.