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Baby underwear wearing method

Type:News | Updatetime:2018-11-20 14:46:00
The order of dressing for newborns is to wear a pair of tops and then pants. Let the baby lie flat on the bed and check if the diaper needs to be replaced. This will prevent the baby from getting wet in the process of wearing clothes, and then you can wear a shirt.
1, pullover
(1) Fold the top into a circle along the neckline, insert two fingers from the middle to open the collar of the shirt, and then slip through the baby's head. In order to avoid fear when the baby is covered by the line of sight, the mother has to talk to him while doing it to distract him.
(2) Wear sleeves. First fold a sleeve along the cuff into a circle shape. After the mother's hand passes through the middle, hold the baby's wrist and gently pull it from the sleeve. Then put the sleeve on the baby's arm and then in the same way. Wear another sleeve.
(3) Finishing. Gently lift the baby with one hand and pull the jacket down with the other hand.
2, wear pants
(1) First fold the leg into a circle shape, and the mother's finger passes through it and then holds the baby's wrist and gently pulls the foot.
(2) After wearing the two trouser legs, lift the baby's legs and straighten the pants.
(3) Lift the baby and put the waistband on the top to cover the top, and put the clothes flat.
3, onesies
If it is a one-piece suit, first untie all the buttons, let the baby lie flat on the clothes, align the neck with the collar, and then put the clothes into the baby's arms and legs in the same way as above. Pay attention to the action of the baby when wearing clothes. It must be carried out in the direction of the limbs bending and moving. It is impossible to pull the hard sputum and hurt the baby.