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Eight rules for cleaning baby underwear

Type:News | Updatetime:2018-07-20 14:39:00
The baby's body is delicate, the baby underwear material is soft, it is required to pay more attention when washing the baby underwear. The following are the eight rules for cleaning the baby underwear, dedicated to the mothers.
First, the sterilization agent, bleach is not available
There are also some detergents that can be sterilized and bleached. Mothers will ask: Is it better to add these things when washing? The answer is no.
Second, drying
Infant clothing can be placed in the sun to dry, although the sun may shorten the life of the clothes, but it can play a disinfecting role, and the children also grow too fast, and the clothes use time is shorter.
Third, rinsing is an important procedure
No matter what detergent is used for washing, rinsing is a sloppy procedure. Always wash it twice or three times with water until the water is clear.
Fourth, the stains wash as soon as possible
Children's clothes will always be stained with many juices, chocolate stains, milk stains, tomato stains, etc. These stains are not easy to remove, but as long as they are just sprinkled, they are washed immediately and are usually easier to wash off. If it takes a day or two to wash, the dirt may go into the fiber and cannot be washed away, so don't be a lazy mother.
Five, underwear outer wash separately
Underwear and outerwear should be washed separately. Under normal circumstances, the outerwear is more dirty than the underwear. Dark and light colors should also be washed separately to avoid staining.
Six, do not mix with adult clothing
Infants and children's clothing should not be washed with adult clothes, because adult clothes are stained with more bacteria, and bacteria will adhere to baby clothes when washed. It is recommended to wash the baby's clothing separately and use a special basin.
Seven, choose a special detergent to clean
There are many special lotions for infant and toddler clothes on the market. Although they are more expensive, they are good for your baby's body. Does not harm the skin and cause allergies. If you don't have a special detergent, you can use soap. Note the washing according to the washing instructions indicated on the product, such as the ratio of dilution, the time of soaking, etc.
Eight, hand wash
Because the washing machine washes the clothes of the whole family, there are many bacteria in the machine. Infants and children's clothing is washed with a washing machine and will be contaminated with many bacteria. These bacteria are no problem for adults, but they may be a little trouble for infants and young children. Because their skin is poorly resistant, it can easily cause allergies or other skin problems.